Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light Review

There are a lot of book lights on the market today. But some don’t offer the best illumination you can get, normally limiting themselves to just one LED light. The Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light, however, is a much better option. They offer more than the standard book light, with four bright LED lights instead of the more classic one or two.

For anyone concerned about the sturdiness of their book light’s clip, this is another strong contender. Not only is the clip very durable, it is also safe to clip on eReaders, as well as the more standard options, such as a book or a bedside table. It even comes in different colors, which are white, black, purple, and pink.

There are some concerns, however. The Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light can be considered to be a bit flimsy, especially around the adjustable neck. It also requires three AAA batteries to work, but does not include them. Most alarmingly, it has also, iin a small number of cases, overheated in the battery compartment. This caused the batteries to burst, according to one Amazon reviewer.

So, while the odds are that this won’t happen to most buyers, it is best to avoid falling asleep with it in bed with you.

Four LEDs for the Best Light

What good is a book light that doesn’t have enough light? It can’t function as it’s supposed to, making the entire point moot. But, with the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light, that isn’t a worry! This book light comes with four brilliant LED lights, so that you can fully illuminate whatever you might be reading or doing. Because the lights are LEDs, they guarantee that a lot of light will be produced from a very small area, really lighting up whatever they are aimed at. This is perfect for people who like to read in bed, while in the car, while outdoors, or anywhere else that has little light.

Comes in Four Fun Colors!

So many of today’s book lights are boring. They’re the same standard black or white or grey, and you never get to choose. Not the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light, though! No, one of its best features is undoubtedly its availability in a variety in colors. These include black, white, purple, and pink. If you’re looking for a good choice in book light for a child (or even a whimsical or style-conscious adult), this is definitely a good option. Simply choose the favored color of either yourself or whomever you are getting it for, and the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light will be a ready-made gift! This is an excellent option when buying for bookworms that are up at all hours of the night reading, no matter their age! Nearly everyone can make use of a fashionable, but functional, book light like the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light.

Specifications for the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light

  • Weighs 10.4 ounces.
  • Measures 8.1 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches.
  • Is powered by 3 AAA batteries, not included.
  • Comes in four colors: White, black, purple, and pink.

The Good and the Bad

All-in-all, the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light is a good book light. It offers almost everything that you could desire from one. This includes its four LED lights, which offer brilliant and bright illumination to whatever you’re using it for; this is perhaps the most important quality that you could look for. But it also includes the sturdy clip that is perfectly made for anything from normal books to tables to eReaders, whatever you might need it for. To really make a statement, it’s even offered in a variety of colors!

But there are parts of it that aren’t so great. The flimsiness reported in the neck could be a potential problem for those who take rough roads while reading, or who read at odd angles. It also requires three AAA batteries, but doesn’t come with them; you have to furnish your own. Perhaps the most important problem is that, at times, the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light can overheat, which could have dangerous results. If, however, you take simple precautions (such as not sleeping with it in your bed and monitoring it for change at times), then this would be a perfectly adequate book light.

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