Undefeated: America’s Heroic Fight for Bataan and Corregidor

51neylxludl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Aiming to paint the condition of the defeated Americans in Bataan after the Fall of Bataan in different light, Bill Sloan talks about the courage, the braveness and the perseverance of the American soldiers who fought in an unknown land. This story is not about the deplorable conditions of the American during and after the battle, but of their continuous struggle to survive as they draw strength from one another and from their dreams that someday, they will see home again. Undefeated is about the undefeated spirit of the American soldiers who survived World War II, the Death March of Bataan and three years of living as POWs.


Undefeated was developed from the notes and interviews of 30 survivors of World War II. These survivors were part of the troops defending Bataan and became part of the Bataan Death March where thousands of American and Filipino soldiers died of starvation, exhaustion and diseases.

The book begins with the on-going battle between the American soldier and the Japanese Imperial Army. The US defenders had been running out of everything, ammo, food and manpower while the Japanese Army keeps on getting bigger in number. In the end, Bataan fall and the horrifying Death March happened.

Undefeated narrates the story of these 30 American soldiers who tried to survive the four-month battle as well as the 65-mile march. It also talks about their life as prisoners of war for three years. It talks of the pain that each soldier had to go through while General MacArthur works on his escape. His replacement, General Jonathan Wainwright ends up a prisoner of war as well. This book focused on the undying human spirit of these soldiers as they continue to believe that one day, General MacArthur will return and free them again.

My favorite part of this book

The best part of this book is the narrative about the fall of Bataan. The bird’s eye view on what really happened during the war is really interesting. On the chapter where Sloan tells about the battle, he talks about each soldier, making them a real human being. This is a great tribute to these men and women who fought during World War II. Most people of these people were left unknown because they were ordinary soldiers but in books like Undefeated, they were given names and were made known.

Who should read this?

This book is highly recommended for people who wants to learn more about the conditions of the POW during World War II. This is a great read as well for those who want to know more about the Bataan Death March after Bataan fell to the Japanese Imperial Army’s hand.

Bill Sloan

Bill Sloan started his career as a newspaper reporter. He became an editor and later on focused on his writing. He is a respected military historian and has written numerous books about World War II such as the Brotherhood of Heroes, Given Up for Dead (about Wake Island) and Undefeated.

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