Rescue at Los Baños: The Most Daring Prison Camp Raid of World War II

The Rescue at Los Baños talks about the upcoming victory of the Allied Forces, the upcoming defeat of the Japanese Imperial Army and the life of the prisoners of Los Banos being in jeopardy because of these turn of events. Bruce Henderson tells the story of one of the most daring rescue missions during World War II as he paints the story with such emotion with his words. A known author of non-fiction books, what else can you expect from Henderson?


As the World War II drew to its end in 1945, the failing Japanese Imperial Army became more abusive and sadistic towards the prisoners of war in their camps. The prisoners of Los Banos camp was of no exception.

The Los Banos prisoner’s camp had at least 2,146 prisoners, mostly American soldiers. As the Allied Forces gets nearer to the Pacific, the Japanese Army gets more brutal. They shot and kill anyone without just reason. General MacArthur fears for the life of these POWs hence he assigned the 11th Airborne Division to plan a rescue mission as soon as possible.

Rescue at Los Baños tells not only the horrifying condition of the prisoners of war but as well as their braveness and perseverance. It also tells the story of the greatly planned airborne raid and how those brave American and Filipino soldiers worked together in order to save as many prisoners as they can. Rather than feeling sorry for themselves as they wait to be shot dead or killed through starvation, the prisoners of Los Banos hoped and prayed for divine intervention until they see freedom again.

My favorite part of this book

My favorite chapter in this book begins with the planning of the rescue mission. The rescue mission should be done smoothly or else more prisoners will die. There were different troops involved with the airborne division in the main lead. I also like the part where in the Japanese prison commander was brought to justice. In the end, it only showed that everything pays off and for the said Japanese commander, we hope he didn’t suffered as much as those he treated badly. The last part where images of the rescued people were shown was also amazing as each picture seems to tell the entire story.

Who should read this?

This book is highly recommended for people who wants to learn more about the status of the prisoners of war during World War II. It is also a great read for people who love war stories, rescue mission stories and stories of real people defying the impossible in order to survive.

Bruce Henderson

Bruce Henderson is known for his work, And the Sea Will Tell, his New York Times bestseller that ranked #1 upon its release. He is a nonfiction writer and just released Rescue at Los Baños last 2015. Aside from writing nonfiction books, Henderson is also a known journalist, writing for publications like Playboy, Esquire and Smithsonian. Henderson is currently teaching at USC School of Journalism and Stanford University.

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