Mighty Bright 47017 Rechargeable Book Light Review

Mighty Bright 47017 Recharge Book LightThere is always a time within our lives in which we luck upon one of those books that you just cannot put down, no matter how late it continues to get. You know the books I am speaking of, for me it is the Janet Evanovich wacky private detective novels that I sadly must admit to currently being behind on reading, however, I am only behind because I know that it is going to be a long day and night when I pick up where I left off.

The Charge Has Me Hooked

No need to buy or pack batteries for the Mighty Bright lite, EVER. This charming device comes with its very own internal recharging system. Warning flashes kick in when the light hits 10 % to allow the reader a chance to finish off their current chapter before needing to seek a USB port. No worries, though as it will be ready to rock in roll again in about one hour. Once charged you’re ready to set back out to anywhere as this light will last for 13-16 hours of new usage.

Could not decide on just one feature to be the second most important so for this review you will find a tie for second place.

Functional and Inexpensive Is Amazing

The Mighty Bright 47017 is an adjustable and customizable book light. The rechargeable LED’s allow the user to set the brightness level. Functionality doesn’t end there the sturdy clip allows this light to easily clip onto your book for an easier time reading while still keeping at least one of your hands free.

Portable and Easy to Use Makes for a Double Win

No matter where the travels may be taking you the Mighty Bright is the perfect companion. Should it be a backpacking adventure across the European countryside or simply across town to the late night library the convenient and compact size of this device makes it a perfect get up and bounce light.

Special options that have been included at the point of ordering are a light that adds style with recharge ability to reading any size and style of books. Controls the lumen output high and low with its two energy-efficient LED’s. The compact size makes it the perfect light to take on travels near and far. Flexibility gives the capability of bending in virtually every direction. Clip firmly affixes to pages no matter the flex given to it.

Here are what others have to say having the chance to use this first hand many times over.

The Latest in Technology Is Always Appreciated

The Mighty Bright recharge is designed using the latest in LED technology for maximum efficiency. It’s two energy-efficient LEDs that are both environmentally-conscious and durable. The charge is known to be long lasting. Bulbs can be used for 100,000 hours with the LEDs never needing to be replaced. Precisely engineered lens spreads the light evenly, illuminating a greater area using less energy.

Super Battery Recharging System Included

The Mighty Bright integrated rechargeable battery means you’ll never need to lug around extra batteries! It has a lifespan of up to 16 hours. Warning occurs when the battery is getting low. The low battery indicator flashes at 10% charge remaining via the included USB cable. With a total charging time of only an hour, you’ll be using your rechargeable book light again in no time!

This Is a Bit Dull of Lighting for Some

The two brightness settings are almost indistinguishable, and despite the many other reviews, their experiences and personal opinions that state otherwise, both of the light settings are too bright in our bed. My husband regularly complained that it was too bright. So it is either the couch and using the Mighty Bright or using a different brand and lying in bed. But as I mentioned at the start many other people find it to be perfect for night use around their significant other.

Great Investments Are Always a Bonus

The Mighty Bright 47017 Recharge Book Light is a great investment that holds a lot of functions, features, and happy people. If you, like myself, are married to one that is overly sensitive at night you might want to look towards one of the alternate items here on this site that we have reviewed. If you other half is of the normal breed you should be just fine in placing an order today.

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