LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light Review

Do you need an additional light source?

There is always a time within our lives in which there just is never enough light or not wanting to get up to turn the light off when you read at night. Those times could be due to lack of power, an issue with the electrical, perhaps it’s just past lights out, or you have about fallen asleep with book in hand. Regardless which of the above most directly applies to your individual situation a book light is the perfect answer.LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light

Do you need a clip mount design that is durable?

The LuminoLite has a large book clip that makes handling easier for those a bit more frail, injured, clumsy, or that have a hard time with the handling of smaller objects. Very sturdy and stays where it has been clipped. The LuminoLite would be perfect to use in a bus, train, semi-truck, or while traveling.

Do you like to own an item that is versatile and have other functions?

The clips nature and durability makes it carry a multipurpose use as it can be clipped other places. Clip onto your sewing tables cutting mat for extra light in designing. Clip to a shelf in the camper for general lighting purposes. Clipping in the car is an option for extra blast of light when wiring a new car stereo even. Being creative is the only end to the LuminoLite’s usefulness.

Do you like knowing you have great LED lights and settings?

There are 4 Bright LEDs and two brightness settings that allows you to set the desired light level, light brightness, and amount of light distributed. This light has no issues giving one proper illumination onto the pages that are being read (or for the alternate task ideas previously mentioned).

Do you like knowing the additional features your item has to offer?

The flexible arm is very well made of high quality materials. Arm stays in place where it has been put without moving or sliding about. Light is easy to manipulate no matter the age or size of fingers. Gives steady and evenly distributed light, without hotspots or flickering. Well-built, durable and made from high quality materials. Lightweight, compact and ideal for travel. take it on holidays, camping and more.

Rechargeable book light meaning that you will never need to carry or locate a battery. Recharges in 3 ways: Free USB cable and mains adapter/charger included. Read for up to 10 hours without charging depending on the settings selected. 4 bright LEDs and two brightness settings allows you to set the desired light level.

Do you like hearing great customer reviews for an item you are contemplating?

The quality of materials is superior to other reading lamps previously used, bought, or tried.

Do you like having the ability to recharge without batteries?

The ability to recharge the power is a great feature. No one misses having to find and carry batteries with them every place they were to go.

Do you like a product that is very versatile?

The neck of the light is fully adjustable and stays where put unlike others in which the user must constantly have to reposition.

Do you feel that a sturdy and dependable clip is too large?

The clip is huge, which many find a bit bulky compared to others that have been used. However, the greatest majority of the customer base that own the LuminoLite are glad the clip has been made larger as it allowed for many uses that one would not normally have been able to fathom.


In conclusion, this review has been prepared and provided to you in hopes of answering any questions that you might have on the LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light. Superior quality and fine workmanship have been mixed with an inexpensive price tag to ensure that every family member can have one of their very own.

This LuminoLite product is an easy answer to nighttime sleepiness making you not want to leave the pillow to shut out the overhead light as the power button is at your fingertips. It can be used in the times of power loss or power failure thanks to the super long life once it has been given a full charge.

The only thing left for you to do now is to wiggle that mouse and click the proper sequence of necessary buttons to order one or more of the LuminoLite rechargeable for yourself. Although depending on how generous you feel. Your own family members will have no doubt finding many uses for this light as well.

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