Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light Review

Finding a good, sturdy book light can be an issue, especially with so many on the market today. But, when looking for an option that is bright, won’t flicker out, and doesn’t require batteries (which are a huge drain on your wallet), you can’t go wrong with the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light.

It is one of the best clip-on book lights available, and offers everything you might want in one.

The Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light comes with five bright LED lights, so that you can illuminate whatever you are reading or doing. This is more than you’ll find in most book lights, and is perfect for those who need a little extra when working in the dark. This light is guaranteed not to flicker or sputter because of movement, and produces a natural light that isn’t as harsh as others.

Instead of batteries, it is charged using a USB cord and a wall adapter, though it can fit your car USB adapter, plugged into the cigarette lighter. The clip that comes with it is very strong, offering you the best stability possible. The only real concern we’ve seen with this light is that the cord can be a bit short, which is a problem for some.

Other than that minor concern, this is a great product!

Five LED Lights in One Package

The point of a book light is, of course, the light. It could have all of the best features in the world but, without a good source of light, it isn’t worth buying. Thankfully, the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light definitely has all of the light that you could possibly need! It comes with five bright LED lights, with two different brightness settings, so you can adjust the brightness of these lights as needed.

And they have range, easily illuminating an entire hardback book all at once. For those who want to read or work in darkened areas, there really isn’t much better than lights like these. Do you often find yourself reading close to bedtime, but then find yourself suffering from insomnia afterwards? With the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light, that won’t be a problem anymore! The light emitted by this is a natural one, and won’t keep you up like those used by electronics or other lights.

Corded Charging: No More Batteries!

Batteries are definitely a drain on your wallet. And, to make matters worse, most book lights require them. But not the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light! Instead, it offers a way to charge it using a wall adapter, which comes included. Simply plug the USB cable (also included) into the light, then plug that into the adapter (or an adapter for your car’s cigarette lighter, if you’re taking the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light on the road), and you’ll be charged and ready to go in no time at all! This is an especially important option when it comes to road trips or vacations, because finding a store that sells batteries is a lot less likely than finding an outlet. It’s also a lot more convenient for you. Instead of running out to the store when your book light dies, you just plug it right into the wall!

Specifications for the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light

  • Weighs 6.4 ounces.
  • Assembled height is 7.9 inches. Assembled width is 1.8 inches. Assembled length is 3.5 inches.
  • Includes one Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light, one USB charging cord, and one wall adapter.

The Good and the Bad

When it comes to book lights, it’s a good idea to choose the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light. It has all the qualities that someone could want in a good book light. It comes with five LED lights that offer bright, quality light that won’t keep you up all night. There are two different brightness levels, for the perfect amount of light for everyone. To ensure that it stays in place, the clip is a sturdy one, so that it holds on more readily to whatever it is clipped on.

For added convenience, the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light doesn’t use batteries, instead plugging into the wall. This will save you time, energy, and money, since you won’t have to replace your light’s power source. If you can handle a cord that might be a little short (which might not even be a problem for you), then the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light is perfect for you!

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