Clip On Book Light by EcologicMart Review

Clip on Book light by EcologicMart

Clip on Book light by EcologicMart

The Clip On Book Light by EcologicMart is a bright little lamp that shines with brilliance as our favorite little book light for daytime and nighttime reading. Bookworms love this lamp for its adaptability. You don’t have to be an avid reader to enjoy this little light. You will find this to be handy for multiple uses. We recommend this lamp for anyone who needs a hands free light. The Clip On Book Light comes in two styles. The original clip on book light has one lamp attached to a clamp base by a flexible, bendable arm. Another option features two lamps on two separate arm.

Musicians really like the two lamp version for lighting up their music stands. Public speakers find this light to be helpful to use at the podium to light up notes. Some workers use these lights to help perform tasks such as sewing or stitching. Do you have a hobby that requires close attention? The book light will help you with all your crafts and projects. You can clip the lamp anywhere you can imagine to improve illumination and vision. This battery operated book light comes with multiple accessories for easy portability. The battery is rechargeable. You can charge the lamp by way of USB port or A/C adaptor. Remove the cord after charging for a cordless bright LED powered lamp. Users have found the light to come in handy for all sorts of practical uses. Use it for safety. It works as a great night light.

The light keeps on shining with rechargeable lithium batteries

You never need to replace the rechargeable batteries. The clip on book light comes with  powerful rechargeable 1000mAh lithium batteries that hold a charge for up to 20 hours of use.The batteries can be recharged numerous times. The batteries will last for years. The Clip On Book light is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If your light or battery fails, it is replaced.  Recharging the light is so simple and fast. The detachable cord  plugs into any standard size USB port for charging. It charges in just a few hours when plugged into a computer. I like how this kit also comes with a dual port USB a/c adapter. You can plug the adapter right into the wall outlet and charge a two devices simultaneously.

Hands free is handy

The strong clip at the end of this lightweight lamp makes this book light function much better than other book lights on the market. The clip attaches securely to your book for hands free reading enjoyment. Since the light is not heavy, it does not weigh down the book or cause any damage. The bendable arms allow you to position the direction of the light however you wish.  The clip on book light attaches easily in any location where you need extra light. People use it in the kitchen to illuminate cooking surfaces. Crafters enjoy the added light for projects. Artists use this book light for sketches and paintings without damaging to paper or canvass. Carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, seamstress, and many other workers use the clip on book light in their daily tasks.

Go everywhere with on the go features

  • 8 different brightness settings for custom lighting needs
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh batteries charge in under two hours
  • USB charging device connects with devices
  • AC charging adaptor
  • Features 8 LED bulbs per lamp
  • Available with multiple lamp arms
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Gooseneck style arm for firmness and malleability
  • Lights up to 20 hours between chargings
  • On the go silk carrying case keeps all the items together for easy travel

What do the buyers say about Clip On Book Light by EcologicMart?

Buyers have expressed happiness with the convenience and portability of the light. They like the travel case and the package of accessories. Buyers appreciate the rechargeability and reusability of the clip on book light. They like buying a product made for reuse. The quick charging feature is well liked. Although, some buyers express dissatisfaction with the amount of time they were able to use the light before recharging. The manufacturer does note that the discharge rate of the rechargeable lithium ion battery will vary depending on brightness setting. If you use the light at a bright setting, the battery will drain more quickly.

Overall, buyers are quite happy with the lightweight design of the lamp. Buyers  continue to come up with new uses for their clip on book light every day. Buyers express an overall satisfaction with the value  and price of the product. They are also happy with the lifetime guarantee that comes with this light. The Clip on Book Light by EcologicMart has earned the pick for the favorite light for daytime and nighttime reading. It is a unique and quality product that earns a spot as one of the best book lights on the market.

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