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How to Choose the Best Book Reading Lights

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of options out there these days when it comes to book lights and reading lights. Selecting between the various manufacturers and brands is often not an easy task. Taking that into consideration we bring you the ultimate guide and reviews of 2017 to ensure that when selecting and purchasing you are able to safely and securely become the newest owner of best book lights or the best reading lights. The following list includes key points to look for when choosing the best book light.

1. Shine
2. Portability
3. Durability
4. Storage
5. Design
6. Operation
7. Ease
8. The other

Top 10 Best Book Reading Light Reviews

Product NameItem DimensionsPower SourceBest Book Light for
Mighty Bright
(Editor’s Choice)
3 x 1.2 x 5 inches Rechargeable Lithium2016's Best to Buy
Ecologic Mart3.15 x 3.15 x 4.72 inches Rechargeable LithiumReading in Bed
AvimaBasics 3 x 1.2 x 7 inches Rechargeable LithiumE-Readers
Beanhark1.57 x 1.57 x 11.81 inches Rechargeable LithiumPaperbacks
(Editor’s Choice)
4.7 x 1.8 x 5.5 inches Rechargeable LithiumRead in Car
Book light by EcologicMart 3.1 x 1.8 x 9.4 inches Rechargeable LithiumGift for Wife
AVANTEK11.8 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches Rechargeable LithiumReading Lamp
Zakka Republic8.1 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches 3 AAA BatteriesMusic Stands
Ledgle3.5 x 1.8 x 7.9 inches Rechargeable LithiumTravels
CeSunlight5.9 x 0.4 x 10.6 inches 2 AAA BatteriesReading in Bed

1. Mighty Bright 47017 – Best Reading Lamp

Mighty Bright 47017 Recharge Book Light

The mighty bright 47017 is an adjustable and customizable book light. The rechargeable LED’s allow the user to set the brightness level. Functionality doesn’t end there the sturdy clip allows this light to easily clip onto your book for an easier time reading while still keeping at least one of your hands free.


No matter where the travels may be taking you the Mighty Bright is the perfect companion. Should it be a backpacking adventure across the European countryside or simply across town to the late night library the convenient and compact size of this device makes it a perfect get up and bounce light.


No need to buy or pack batteries for the Mighty Bright lite, EVER. This charming device comes with its very own internal recharging system. Warning flashes kick in when the light hits 10 % to allow the reader a chance to finish off their current chapter before needing to seek a USB port. No worries, though as it will be ready to rock in roll again in about one hour. Once charged you’re ready to set back out to anywhere as this light will last for 13-16 hours of new usage.

2. Rechargeable Reading Lamp – Best Book Light for Reading in Bed 

Rechargeable Reading Lamp for Bed & Music Stand Light

The arms have it with this rechargeable reading light. A total of eight LED lights are split equally and evenly between the arms. At the top of each are individual controls. Each control has a 4-state button. Each top when navigating the buttons are given 8 varying levels of individual and independent brightness that range from 7 Lm. to 56 Lm.

One or two

Set the together to fashion a lamp-like look and allow all the LED’s to work together in massive teamwork. This can be a great problem solver when it comes to say a musician in a darkened room that has not yet memorized the notes needed for each song to be done. Dj’s find the joined lights to be a huge help as well. Typically while they are spinning the room is on the darker side so as to better incorporate the video they are playing or dancing art beams throughout the venue or vicinity. At the conclusion of their event the arms on the light can be separated and toned down for a relaxation time of reading a book.

Battery Indicator

Sadly there is not a battery indicator icon in which to reference and insure the remaining time left on the current charge. However, it does have one built in that is pretty ingenious. Long pressing the light button (three to five seconds) will tell the light that you wish to know its remaining life time. If the light flickers four time it is at 100%, three flickers means 75%, and two lonely flicks means it is down to 50%.

3. AvimaBasics – Best Rechargeable Book Light

Reading Light, #1 BEST Premium Extra-Bright 4 LED 2 Brightness Settings Wireless Rechargeable Book Light Charging

Light is good for approximately ten hours on a single charge at the brightest setting or around 25 hours on the lower. Two methods for charge are included at the time of purchasing, a 220V wall charger or an USB charging cable. Charging is completed in less than two hours.


Often times the book light and the E-Readers have a hard time in getting along. The book lights have issues with glaring or bounce with the reader’s screen. This light has no issues with either of those things. This is the best reading light as it works super great when attached to a Kindle or other e-reader.


Many find the size of this light to be a bit large but personally the larger size I find to be easier to operate. There is nothing worse than trying to plug in a cord, in poor lighting, and being unable to locate the charging port. The USB cord that comes with this model is a super long 40 inches. The flex part of the light is 7 inches making the setting of the lights an ease and enables the light beam to go where it is needed.

4. Beanhark Rechargeable Flexible – Best Clip on Book Light

Beanhark Rechargeable Flexible Clip on Desk Reading Light with 4 LED Book Light

The clamp on the Beanhark reading light is one of a kind in that it has been padded. Thanks to this padding one can now safely attach this light to tablets, computer screens, or any other device that you would be worried of scratches with other brand lights. Saving hard earned money is the end result no matter which way you have chosen to place and use this Beanhark product.

The clamp also doubles as a lamp base allowing this light to be able to be utilized in hundreds of additional ways. For example, place this into a free standing positions and you now have a very inexpensive bedside lamp, or by placing it on the bathroom counter you have a nice nightlight that can be used to read if middle of the night throne time has been harkened.


The LED lighting system has been developed and designed to allow for four powerful setting options to be incorporated. The various settings allow for less eye strain, glare, or other issues that can be caused by poor or incorrect lighting.

5. LuminoLite Rechargeable – Best Light for Reading 

LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light

Large book clip makes handling easier for those a bit more frail, injured, clumsy, or that have a hard time with the handling of smaller objects. Very sturdy and stays where it has been clipped. The LuminoLite would be perfect to use in a bus, train, semi truck, or while traveling.

Clips nature and durability makes it carry a multipurpose use as it can be clipped other places. Clip onto your sewing tables cutting mat for extra light in designing. Clip to a shelf in the camper for general lighting purposes. Clipping in the car is an option for extra blast of light when wiring a new car stereo even. Being creative is the only end to the LuminoLite’s usefulness.


The flexible arm is very well made of high quality materials. It stays in place where it has been put without moving or sliding about. Easy to manipulate no matter the age or size of fingers.


There are two different light brightness settings available. Regular and Brighter. This light has no issues giving one proper illumination onto the pages that are being read (or for the alternate task ideas previously mentioned).


This, like the other previously spotlighted models, is a rechargeable book light meaning that you will never need to carry or locate a battery. It comes with both a wall outlet adapter as well as a USB charging cable.

6. Clip On Book Light by EcologicMart

Clip On Book Light by EcologicMartThe Clip On Book Light by EcologicMart is a bright, shiny beacon on the list of best book lights. It is a favorite for daytime and nighttime readers. These little bendy lights fit any space, making them a favorite among readers and nonreaders alike. We love the book light, because it never requires a battery change. Plug the book light into a USB port for a lightening quick charge. A fast charge can give you up to twenty hours of super bright led illumination.

The book light features charging indicator lights to let you know when it’s ready for use.  Adjust the brightness as needed between eight different lighting levels. The light comes with a full set of accessories including a charging cord, A/C adaptor, and carrying case. Choose from two versions of the Clip on Book Light by EcologicMart. The standard light features a bendable gooseneck lamp that secures to your book with a strong clip. You can also purchase a two lamp option, a favorite among musicians, speakers, and artists. The lamp and gooseneck are made from lightweight material.

There is no unbalanced weight, so you can move the lamp freely. The design of the book light lends its usefulness to many day- to-day activities, hobbies, and work. Use it all around your home for routine fixes. It’s also a big help in the kitchen. Take it along with you on your next road trip or campout for safety. You never have to worry about a bad bulb or battery. EcologicMart backs the Clip on Book Light with a lifetime guarantee.

7. AVANTEK 8 LED Reading Light – with Flexible Double Arms

AVANTEK 8 LED Reading LightWhen looking for a book light, it can be hard to find the right one. Either they have too few lights, too few brightness options, or they aren’t convenient enough to actually use. If you find that this is true for you, then you should invest in the AVANTEK 8 LED Reading Light USB! This is truly one of the best book lights available today. It has everything that you could possibly want in a book light, including very bright LED lights, different brightness settings, and a lack of need for batteries. All-in-all, few other book lights can hold a candle to it!

One thing that truly makes the AVANTEK 8 LED Reading Light USB a unique choice in book lights is its two head design. These allows you to either spread out your light, covering a greater surface (particularly useful for large books or illuminating a larger work surface) or enabling you to share your light with someone else. And there is a lot of light, with eight different bright LED lights available. It also comes in two different brightness settings. The only real downsides of this light are that it isn’t charged out of the box and it can be a bit heavy with paperbacks.


  • Comes with two heads.
  • Has a sturdy clip.
  • Has a sleek, modern design.
  • No batteries needed: It charges from a USB cable.
  • Flexible metal stems for easy adjustments.
  • Three different settings: Off, on, and bright.


  • Isn’t charged out of the box.
  • Might be heavy on paperback books.

8. Zakka Republic LED – Clip on Reading Light

Zakka Republic LED Trying to read or work in the dark is no fun, and can be very hard on your eyes. That’s why, if you plan to do anything in a low-light scenario, you should invest in a good book light. Ideally, one with LED lights that will really help shine some light on the situation. That’s where the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light comes in! It offers the perks that you are looking for in a book light. It is very bright, offering four LED lights that will help you really see what you’re doing. It has a strong clip, which is perfect for books, nightstands, or even eReaders. Best of all, it comes in four colors for you to choose between: Black, white, pink, and purple. That makes it a big hit with kids!

There are, however, a few downsides to the Zakka Republic LED Clip On Reading Light. For one, some people may find it a bit flimsy for their liking, making it difficult to use. It requires three AAA batteries, as well, but they aren’t included. There have also been a few instances of overheating, especially in the battery compartment.


  • Comes with four LED lights.
  • Has an adjustable neck for better maneuverability.
  • Has a strong clip perfect for a book or eReader.
  • Comes in four colors: White, black, pink, and purple.


  • Can be a bit flimsy.
  • Three AAA batteries are needed, but not included.
  • A potential safety hazard; can overheat and damage batteries.

9. Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light2-Level Brightness

Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light Trying to read in low light is a problem. It’s too difficult to see, and you can’t always just turn on a light. If you’re reading outside, or in a car, that can make it even harder to find the proper illumination. That’s why, if you do anything that requires precision in dim light, or even no light at all, it’s a good idea to invest in a book light. And, when choosing one, you can’t go wrong with the Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light.

The Ledgle Rechargable 5 LED Book Light is great to use because of many reasons. The most obvious is the light that it produces, which is enough to light two full pages of a hardback book. It manages this because of its five LED lights, which light up with a clear, natural light that doesn’t flicker. Another reason is because, unlike so many of its competitors, it doesn’t take batteries. Instead, when its power starts to run out, you can connect the USB cord into the wall using a charger (or, in the case of a car, by using your own adapter in a cigarette lighter). And, to ensure that your book light remains sturdy, the clip that it uses is strong and designed to not fail!


  • Has five LED lights for the best light.
  • Has a sturdy clamp.
  • Plugs into the wall and doesn’t require batteries.
  • Provides more natural light.
  • Bendable arms.


  • The cord can be a bit short.

10. CeSunlight Rechargeable – Best for Bed Reading or Read in Car

CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book LightDo you find yourself wanting to read without waking anyone? Or do you prefer to keep your reading light dim before bed, so that you can sleep easier? This, along with countless other scenarios, are reasons to purchase the CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light. If you’re looking for a quality book light that you can take with you for reading while you travel, then this is most certainly it.

The CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light has everything that you might want in a book light. It is lightweight, making it easy to travel with. For those who don’t like book lights that only have “on” and “off” options, this light has four different settings. This way, everyone gets the brightness that they want. If you don’t like book lights that have to be clipped to something, then good news! The CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light is placed around your neck, so that you can read comfortably without having to make unnecessary adjustments. It’s even good for your sleep: The LEDs emit a blue light, instead of a white or yellow one. This will make it less likely to disrupt your sleep later, if you use it before bed.


  • A powerful lithium battery that is easily rechargeable.
  • Two LED lights on both of the product’s arms.
  • Arms are adjustable.
  • Four different brightness Settings.


  • Not waterproof, so should be protected against liquids.
  • Hard to replace the battery.
  • Can move around, making it difficult to use.

Things to Consider

There are a number of considerations one should keep on their list when tyring to the list of light options in which to buy. The primary is the individual need. Once that is established then it will help in the narrowing in regards to the best reading light. The following list are additional items in which one should consider before making the final decision.

Optimization - paper or electronic
LED Count VS Settings
Battery - Standard or Rechargeable
Charger - 220V, USB, or None
Size - Dimensions and Weight
Illumination - Light Cover
Clip - Mounting Device
Arms - LED Holder

Best Reading Light for Students

For most students across the globe school is currently in session, the semester may vary along with when the official first day to begin, but for the largest bulk of students more hours of their lives these days focus and center around desks, teachers, and homework assignments. With so much studying going on now is the perfect time of year to purchase the best book light for your student, yourself, or your loved ones alike.


For those that hadn’t look about or needed to purchase the best book light in a number of year they were probably taken aback to learn that there had such a huge amount of changes to have occurred within this product.

It was not all that long ago that the vender selection field was very thin. Lights were not designed to be cute, stylish, or to fit on anything except a book. And charging–there was no such thing unless willing to spend some rather large bucks $$.

Selecting the very best book light has been made a very enjoyable task in that there are options aplenty. Pick your shape, pick your color, picking the best charging system to boot, that are the types of selections we wished we had years ago.